Booking bug report, question

I had my calendar blocked out till end of july 2024 because I didn't want to trade while Booking.com at this time.

However, Booking.com over rode this step I'd taken and made a reservation for 29.12.2023 for 4 night, and also in that period multiplied Number of apartments (of this type) from 1 to 5 for that exact apartment A2. That exact type of apartment A2 has been always marked with 1 Number of apartments (of this type) at property layout and still is.

So now i have reservation for the exact the same apartment A2 for 5 times in period that was already closed on booking.

Booking was made from Profile that had no earlier bookings.

I wrote to booking customer support, but they have done nothing, recevied just some generic message.

Any help please?