booking change dates



guests want to make a change of dates of a booking for the coronavirus,they dont't want to cancel, jus change dates for some months later.

Booking say that the changes have to be done the day of check-in.

There is another way to do change of dates before?(in an other occasion should interess me be able to do this change automatically to have the dates free for another possible booking) and confirme the new dates in the BOOKING calendar.



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pibomarco 3 years ago

I tell the guest that they must contact booking.com if they want to modify their booking (since we are not allowed to do that on their behalf).

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Patrícia Godori Rius! Thanks for posting in the Community!


There are few ways the guest can change reservation dates:

- from the confirmation email, in case of flexible policy guests are able to change dates by themselves;

- in case of non-refundable policy, the guest or you can contact our Customer support team by email or phone and request assistance with modification;

- you are able to change reservation dates right in the Extranet starting from check in date and 48 hours after check out (in case of flexible policy).


Best regards!