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I am a new customer, I registered my property on your site. I didnt realise it was live and this afternoon I received a call from customers who said they had booked for tonight and tomorrow. I am happy to have them and the property is ready, but cant for the love of money figure how to complete registeration and how am I going to get paid. Im having difficultly viewing my property and needless to say need help with this and I appear to be going around in circles on the site can you call me to complete listing and reg my account details. I cant even view the booking or calendar



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Maeve


As this was yesterday, and by default it will be payment on arrival.

If you are receiving bookings then it means you already did registration, theo nly thing that may be outstanding is the letter by post to verify location, but that does not stop bookings.


Close room types or set inventory to 0 to prevent bookings or snooze property.


1.Calendar - List View


2. Property - details - snooze


3. Extranet , top right, 2nd circle menu - view my listing.


4. no one will be calling you, you are only addressing partners, volunteers and community team.





There are many more guide I have done, you can find them by clicking on my name, along with the Partner Help section up top.




Your profile is missing the property link for us to view , please take the time to follow the guide and add it. Thanks



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Maeve Walsh 3 years ago

The guests arrived and only had a booking for 1 night. The prepaid booking.com and ive since registered by account for the payment transfer