Booking turned into a big party!

We currently have a group of 6 staying in our place that at the max accommodates 5, one having to sleep on couch/futon. We had a bad feeling from the start as they have a local phone number. We’ve previously had a bad experience with a group with a local number, they trashed our place. Living in New Orleans we believe they come and use our placecas a party spot. Turns out these guys were no different. With security cameras on the outside of our house we saw about 10-15 people come with with PANS of food, loud music, many cars. We messaged them telling them to turn music down and max of 5 people and parking for only 1 car. We are 3 hours away so we couldn’t go there ourselves. Party bended at 1:51am this morning. We want to ask them to leave but fear they will trash our place so I feel kinda trapped. What rights to hosts have here?? I’m so frustrated!! Was on phone 3 times with booking.com yesterday before they arrived anticipating problems and they didn’t really offer much help. I’m ready to cancel with booking.com after this experience . Any suggestions??

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Bandara Hotels… 5 years ago

I am not sure what laws is apply in New Orleans. But you should inform Booking.com in written and inform police as well.

For group booking, I would suggest when you put allotment. You should put just 2 or 3 room available per day. This way can protect one booking for big group. But it is not 100% protect as they can book again.