Booking.com and Agoda synchronization - Why it doesn't work for me?



I saw that many Booking.com properties appears on Agoda platform automatically. This also means for very new properties. We have a listing on Booking.com for almost 3 years and there is nothing on Agoda yet. I cannot add our property as a new one to Agoda, because there must be a synchronization or linking or something. There on some properties on Agoda I can see reviews, images, description,... just the same as on booking.com. It looks like It's copied. 


Nobody can't help me with this. Booking.com support says that they dont know anything, while I can't find Agoda proper support for partners. 


I mean, we pay a lot of commission to booking.com, and this should be resolved! 

Who can help me get my booking.com property connected to Agoda?


There's also an article about this:






BrookAve 3 years ago


Topic : how to add listing to Agoda


1. If BdC support can't help contact, Agoda support instead.


2. Calendar sync is not the same thing and requires a chanel manager to do it safely.


Let us know how you get on with Agoda