Like many others, we are disappointed that Booking.com no longer sends out its own marketing material for use on properties and partners are therefore expected to pay for their own.

We have had four years of 10/10 after 4 years of business which has taken a lot of effort but have nothing to show this on the property as there have been no certificates or stickers since 2020.

Friends who have properties with other companies (eg Tripadvisor) get lots of marketing material each year and it helps ensure that guests give reviews when in the property. 

When fairly substantial commission  is charged, the least partners could expect is for a  guest review certificate and a  window sticker which both advertise booking.com but also shows the standards set by the business, to be sent by post each year for display in the properties.

What do others think?


Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

Make your own marketing material that does not focus on or rely on any one booking channel. That way, when a booking channel lets you down, you can keep marketing on other booking channels very easily.

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

We have an illuminated sign at our entrances that allow us to interchange anything in the display area as we please. Just create, print, display.


As for BDC not providing POS, most the OTAs don't do this anymore either and as BDC is on a massive savings drive including many lay offs (apart from questionable and very expensive video adverts) it makes sense for them.