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One of our guests burgled our holiday home last weekend. She took absolutely EVERYTHING except the huge items like fridge, couch and beds. Estimated about $20,000 worth of property, plus damage to our carpet (stains and cigarette burns).

I have been trying to ask what measures they put in place to protect us as hosts for this kind of thing. This person most likely used a fake name and she definitely used a fake phone number to book. Why can't ensure the phone numbers are verified and validated? Along with the name? AirBnB do this.

Of course, we have a security system, however it is run on battery and was dead at this time. However, it wouldn't have stopped it from happening as they didn't know it was dead and robbed us anyway. I'm trying to find ways we can PREVENT people like this from even booking our property in the first place - to try and scare them off before they even book. And I'm struggling to find a solution. 

Does anyone have any advice? Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance.


BrookAve 1 year ago


Get insurance 

Replace cameras or add wired power method, e.g. amazon blink cameras, with remote access and cloud storage. 


Fill out police report