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Business Travellers: 3 important things to check to welcome them again

Over the last year, many of us have been forced to change the way we work. Does Ironing boards for desks and toddlers supplying the ‘water cooler’ chat sound familiar? When business travellers pick up their briefcases and move once again, their expectations may be a bit different. 

Are you prepared to accommodate business travellers? Read through our checklist to be sure:

  1. For eligible properties, let corporate travellers know your holiday home has suitable facilities by joining the Work-Friendly Programme
  2. Genius properties have the ability to target these travellers with a midweek business rate
  3. Re-assure guests that travel for the first time in a while by completing the Health & Safety section on the Extranet 

Bonus tips:

  • Read through our article on what business travellers need to know before making a booking
  • Not all trips can be defined as just travelling for work. Some guests (known as bleisure travellers) want to combine a work trip with a short holiday (before or after). Setting up a weekly rate plan to capture searches for 7+ days is one way to increase your visibility.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Under Work Friendly Program , I spotted two items that need to be removed from make it actually fair.


  • Must have a minimum of 3 existing guest reviews with a Review score of 8 or more.
  • Must have a cleanliness score of 8 or more.



Remember : Scoring is both subjective to different people ,and some fail to do it correctly, and others purposely fail the scores to spite the Host.



So in my opinion based on that these two should be disabled, especially considering the pandemic climate we are all having to operate within.



Kind Regards