Calander sync

Greetings my account is inactive due to calendar sync proplems.  I use syncbnb calendar for my airbnb lising and vrbo listing sync.  

It appears booking.com only syncs with I cal.  any trips or tricks to get my sync working and my account active again 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi johnathan


The only safe way with BdC and 2 or more OTAs is to use a Channel Manager.


Other wise you need to be nimble and logon to each when you get a new booking and manually block them out.


Such as using their smart phone apps.


Cloudbeds and nobeds are very good, one paid for and one free.  


You only have to Search for sync , cal sync and see the venom about BdC iCal sync .


The reason for needing a 3rd party CM services is its calendar wil initate the sync to itself from each connected OTA.


The BdC Cal sync will never initiate by design, hence why people get caught out.


The BdC Cal sync also only appears is each room type have a inventory count of 1, the moment you increase it , it deactivates and the options disappear.


and therefore why I'm always banging on about using a channel manager if you use 2 or more OTAs and are not technically minded.


It will reduce your stress and anxiety significantly. and sleep better knowing that if someone books while you are asleep or away, that it controls availability, and no overbooking  :)

Kind Regards.



Maui Sands 3 years ago

Rentalbell.com is a good syncing platform.