Calendar export

 I can´t find the sync button for my booking.com calendar. I did monthly view and scroll down how it is written in the help but it is no button there to find.

Knows somebody how to do?

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi!- Fongphu there is not button you have to just export your calendar using URL.
Follow the help instructions and you will succeed.
Good luck...

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AG Lodging 5 years ago

You have to export from one system and import into another. Also, you have to do this in both direction.

You didn't wrote which one you want to synchronize with, so in this example, I will use Airbnb.

Go to Airbnb -> Export, go to Booking -> Import

Go to Booking -> Export, go to Airbnb -> Import

At each system, these options are usually at "Calendar" section (here, at Booking, this is right there).

Armand Cronje 3 years ago

I cannot find the IMPORT or EXPORT button on the Booking.com admin portal - Can you please advise?