Calendar export issues Booking "ical" to be updated outside (airbnb)

Hello all, I'm having difficulties to import the Booking calendar into Airbnb.
Looks like the link that Booking is providing to acces the "ical" or ".ics" file is not accepted by Airbnb. Do you have a way to make it work? For the moment either I have a link (with the unique ID at the end of the url) OR the ics file downloaded on my computer but I dont get how to give a valid online link into Airbnb so that both calendars for a same appartment are inter connected.  Am I missing something?

Actually the other way Airbnb -> Booking was instant

Karen Mortimer 11 months ago

I am having the same problem. And Booking is not very helpful. Can someone out there please advise

Almir Tahirbegovic 11 months ago

Yeah, I wrote to booking customer service, they send me usual link about connecting calendars, but it didn't help of course. At the end, I just ask is it possible to get calendar link with ics end, but no answer. 

Agriturismo Mo… 9 months ago

I have the same problem, on a sync that worked for years...