Calendar for external website

Really struggling finding a decent calendar for my external website - I will be grateful for suggestions!

So far I have been with https://www.bookingcalendar.com/ but it has got disapproved by google and so we need urgent replacement. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi The Lawns Spa Apartment


It sounds to me you are trying to reinvent the wheel.

While you can simply use a Channel Manager to manage all into one calendar in the CM you could then export from that calendar to any program such as Google mail calendar, microsofot outlook calendar etc.


nobeds, cloudsbeds etc

An iCAL link export from the CM calendar could nd can in thery be embedded in a webpage, but why would you do that on a public webpage?


The calendar such as this should not be public at all.


and as for guests booking they simply should be directed to the booking.com website or a Bookingsuite custom website




Kind Regards


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