Calendar not updating

In the extranet the calendar there is a message bottom right that says it was last updated 4 days ago and may be out of date. Surely updates should be instant. How can I get it to update? I’ve looked at the partners forum and people had this issue 2 yrs ago but the solution wasn’t posted.  We are just using Booking.com, no other platforms to synch and we don’t have or need a Booking Manager.   



BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi James


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Indeed that sounds strange, and not common.

So just to confirm if you open the Calendar in List View, you cannot make changes to extended fields under Rate Plans , or adhoc price changes to some dates?


Or is it you have made such changes but dont see those on the live listing a guest searches on?


You should report it to BdC Support by message or phone, see guide below.


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James Kiff 2 years ago

Hi BrookAve

it is a weird one. We can update price, availability etc in the pulse app. But in the partner website extranet calendar these changes aren’t coming through and we get the calendar not updated message. I think it’s probably unusual but has happened to others. I’ll ask BdC support too.   




BrookAve 2 years ago

ah ok thats a different story then...


yeah if you primarily use the pulse app, yes there will be that issue at times.


But if you make the changes on a Pc in a web browser it shouldnt, but there can be a delay to seeing them on the - View My Listing - that guests would see..