Call from Booking.com

I have received a call from ‭+***‬ (Berlin, Germany) claiming that they are calling from Booking.com and asking if I have available rooms for tomorrow. Apparently, one of their clients lost their accomodstion for tomorrow and they want to offer them my apartments.
What confuses me is why would they call me, they can check online if we are available.

Is this a valid call or is it some kind of scam?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Dea Cekada


I understand why you might think that, but yes sometimes BdC advisor will do that they trying to relocate  guests from other  bookings cancelled  etc.


Its very easy for them to prove who they are.


Though if you think about it, why would a stranger ring you , ask for availability on behalf of someone else and then say goodbye.


That's not exactly secret info nor a threat risk.


Even if an advisor can check availability online they could be using due-diligence to make sure before offering to the guest. considering how fluid the current situation is, availability can change in an instant.



Kind Regards


Heatherbrett 8 months ago

I had 2 calls over last few days both booking,COM asking if I had availability (showing availability on site)

no bookings were made what’s going on?????