Can booking.com pull property details from Tokeet?

Hi I am very new to Tokeet and Booking.com, I have successfully set up my property in Tokeet with photos and all the necessary informations, but when I try to connect it to Booking.com have no option to push room details. So my question is am I need to setup it manually again in Booking.com or have option for push it?

Joel Bennett 4 years ago

Hi Abdul - Unfortunately, the process will still require you to go to your Booking.com account and manually upload listing photos and details. Airbnb is the only OTA that allows complete listing information to be pushed in.


Once your listing is created and connected, though, your rates and booking data will be fully synchronized, so it's well worth a few minutes getting it set up.

Take a look at this help document here and let me know if you still have any trouble connecting: