Can I add a property, if it's already listed by someone else in the booking sites?


I would like to add a property named "Majestic Jomtien Beach" but after searching in google, I found it's been already listed by someone else in most of the top booking sites, Like into Agoda, Booking.com, traveloka and homeaway. So here my question is, Can I still add that same property under my account into booking.com or in other top booking sites?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

If it is your property, why is someone else listing it? If it is someone else's property, why are you trying to list it?


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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Toke Terkelsen and welcome to Community! A new registration with an existing property will be duplicate as soon as you will end it, as the system might detect same address or perhaps the same picture. In this case, the only option available is a change of ownership requested by the actual owner towards you. We are not sure why your property is managed by someone else, however please consider that starting a new registration is not really suggested.