Can I change when to stop reservations coming in for the same day?

We close the reception at 9PM, and would to prevent new reservations from coming in for that same night at say 8PM, is that possible?

Hotel Streym 4 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.


However, it is not possible to edit the minimum advance reservation restriction through the extranet and gives me this error:

Changes to XML rates and inventory cannot be made through the extranet. Please use your connectivity provider to make changes instead.


Apparently, my connectivity provider does not allow me to restrict reservations to be made after a certain time the day of, but my only option is to restrict reservations from coming in the whole day.


Is there any way we can work around this?

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Hotel Streym ! Indeed, when your rates are loaded to our system by XML provider, you will not be able to set up this restrictions by yourself. 

Please contact our Customer support team from the Extranet Inbox and they will set it up for you. 

Good luck!