Can see second Holiday Home on Bookings

1I have two holiday homes that I manage on Bookings. I recently added the second one and receive notification of new booking by email, but when we open it online, I only see the first property top left. I clicked on it and still do not see the second property. Is it possible to have two accounts on one email? I do not understand where this property could be lying but worried as I am receiving bookings but no further info and thus impossible to manage these bookings. 

BrookAve 2 years ago


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Hi Elmar


Assuming you added the second property using the footer option - Add addtional property, then you should see something on the Extranet Home page to toggle between them.


I have yet to see any screen shots or articles on managing multiple under one account.


If you  cant find it, try phoning BdC Support, see guide below.


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