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Are property ist Double in booking .vom how to cancel 1


BrookAve 3 years ago




Are you listed on other OTA?

 iCAL sync is not automatic and must be done manually when you get a booking on one OTA versus another OTA.


Open the reservation details page, message the guest, give them two options and say:

"Sorry but it seems you booked dates already booked. Please choose alternative dates as soon as possible so we can note it or we cancel and and refund (if not prepaid) will start. process."


Always engage with the Guest and not BdC , as if you do not and the guest contacts BdC directly they likely will relocate the guest and invoice you for the new booking .


Once Guest agrees click on Request To Cancel in the details page and choose option 2.

If the guest has yet to pay and within your payment terms , i.e. prepay and fails to pay within x hours of booking, then you can cancel for free by choosing option 1.



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