Cancel all reservations for this year and send message to the guests affected

Hi there,

I would like to cancel all the reservations for this year and I would like to send a message to those guests for the reasons of this action. Is there a way to do this in your platform? Or should I do it separately for each reservation, which will be a pain, because there are a lot reservations?

Mind you that I have looked the following helpful pages, but I could not find the information that I am looking for

Can you help me regarding this issue and guide what to do?

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Nefeli team

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

You have posted this on the partner forum.  I don't think there is a way to cancel and message multiple bookings.  To contact the booking.com help team using the Inbox icon on Extranet.  They do offer a 'relocation' service so may be able to do this but really not sure.


Nefeli Apartments 3 years ago

Cool thanks Sharonpowney, I will do that I will contact directly Booking. I thought that I might got a quick answer here.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Nefeli Apartments


Welcome to the Partner Community, you are only addressing partners.

  • Notify& Cancel  Existing Reservations for 2020.  
    • Yes you must notify each one.  
    • Pre write a paragraph, keep it succint, concise, do not waffle or over share. keep it generic so you do not need to tailor it per guest.  
    • Do not forget to check it for spelling, grammar mistakes.  
    • Use https://translate.google..com to make a few other languages. Yes templates can be made for many languages  
    • Add it to a Message Template for reuse. "COVID19 Mandatory Cancellation Notice"  
    • Open the reservation page per booking.  
    • At bottom in message area click on Templates, on popup click on the notice template.  
    • Now it appears in the message box, click send.  
    • With that done, now on Right pane click Request to Cancellation, choose option 2.  
    • Choosing this option will auto authorise prepaid rates full refund where BdC took the prepayment. BdC will refund the guest.  
    • If you took pre-paid rates then you must do it with Payment gateway vendor procedure.  
    • But not until the guest receives the second email with the cancellation request from BdC system for them to click and confirm.  
    • Wait a few days for each to reply or the system to indicate the clicked and confirmed.   
    • Send reminder after 3 days past, by resending the same message template.  
    • Consider that fact some may not be able to check email or be healthy to even have access a computer or smart phone email.  Example : hospitalised, incapacitated etc.