Cancel booking due to Corona restrictions

We do have a few bookings that we are not allowed to accept by law.

We are only allowed to accept bookings from business travelers or tourists from the same state. But some guests book anyways and there's no way to block guests that are not business travelers or from our state.

So i always need to write every single guest a line and please him to cancel his booking. But currently we have a case where we cant reacht the guest. 


1. That period is blocked for guests that are allowed to travel (we're loosing income)

2. We make ourselves liable to prosecution


Is there a way to cancel bookings like this?

Venkatesh 2 years ago

Hello Tomo Bahr, as of my knowledge, there is no such option to accept bookings from one particular state or country since anybody can make reservations by providing basic guest information. Try contacting booking contact team and let them know that you had to loose bookings because of the local laws which are prohibiting the other state/country guests to host in your property!!