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Due to Corona outbreak, Our hotel must Close and I need to cancel all reservations from today to 26.03.

Can you please help me With this?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Welcome to Partner community, you are addressing Partners and Communities Team only.

Not BdC Support nor Finance Teams.


You can simply open each reservation page and click cancel.

I would suggest  you write up a template message prior to cancelling each one, and copy paste it into each guest so they will know why and what action to follow up.


Hi [guest first name ] due to the current COVID 19 restridtions on travel etc, I am cancelling all bookings. You will receive an email confirmation with an action to click on.


The system will message the guests an email, and if you allow it , they can choose to confirm with no refund, or request waiver for full refund.


If your rates policy is setup for 0% refunds., you will need to use the Inbox> booking.com messages > contact us , select reservations , enter the booking number and :


"I authorise 50% refund on this booking as discussed already with the guest."





Kind Regards

Made In Brazil… 3 years ago


Following your instructions: "You can simply open each reservation page and click cancel."  shows up this message "You'll have to contact customer service to cancel this reservation. Cancellation requests must be received at least 48 hours before the guest's check in date."

How should we act??

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BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Cesar,


Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages, 

click on right, the See Contact Options,

Choose Reservations, cancellation. Click on Contact us at bottom.

copy paste booking number in.

Enter message confirming agreement, and they will get to it when they do.



Kind Regards