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I need to cacnel the smart flex program that i DID NOT JOIN on all of the units i manage. True to booking.com ambiguity there is not a place to cancel on the property page. They say  to " scroll to the bottom" to cancel. Each and every booking.com reservation i get has some sort of issue. 

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

There is a search box at the top of this page, type in "smart flex" and it's all there.

What if I don’t want to join the Smart Flex Reservations programme? 

We understand that this programme may not be the right fit for some of our partners. If you don’t want to be part of the Smart Flex Reservations programme, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Opportunities
  3. Click Smart Flex Reservations programme
  4. Click Leave this programme and fill in the short survey

All you need to know about Smart Flex Reservations 


Cate Lane 1 year ago

Of course i have already been there. There is NO OPTION to cancel on the bottom of the page as instructed. Please show a screenshot of that. :)

Cate Lane 1 year ago

I already did that but thanks. There is no option for" leave this programme" anywhere on the Smart Flex Reservations programme page. 

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

It's a small text link at the bottom of the Smart Flex page in your Extranet - it's not easy to see - but yes, you can opt out - after numerous problems caused by Smart Flex, we've opted all of our properties out of Smart Flex now .....