Guest *** (***) would like to cancel his stay at our hotel.

I can not reach you, but we would like to cancel this reservation free of charge.

This because the quest has a family member with Covid symptoms and we don't want people with symptoms in our hotel.

Could you please send us the confirmation of the cancellation.

Thank you in advance

Stan Zuidema

Abdij de Westerburcht (***)

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Stan,


  1. Learn how to use the Extranet. Dont be lazy.
  2. Posting requests here will not result in them being actioned
  3. You are not addressing BdC staff, only partners.


If the guest messaged you as you say to cancel then you would know to :


  • Open the reservation
  • Request Cancel on right pane.
  • Select Option 2 (this waives cancelation policy, for full refund)
  • system notifies guest to confirm
  • guest confirms
  • system processes any prepaid payment


Kind Regards


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info.westerburcht.nl 3 years ago



i can not reach Booking.com, so I posted this thinking it would be a form to the customersupportteam. 

I tried canceling the booking, but it must be 48 hours before arriving. And this particullair guest should be arriving today.


I will just try and call them again on monday.


Thank you for your support!


Kind regards

Stan Zuidema

Team Abdij de Westerburcht