cancellation of a booking

 A ticketed music festival our client was attending with 3 friends was cancelled and she requested a cancellation of her booking.  The event was cancelled because of uncertainty around potential restrictions due to Covid-19.  As it turns out there are none in our community.

I was happy to cancel her booking and did not hear back from her.  I checked and it seems she has to agree to the cancellation or confirm.  She has not despite 2 more emails.  She replied to one email and just acknowledged my email.

So my issue is this-obviously she has not showed up this weekend for her 2 night booking.  I was unable to open the cottage to take another booking.  So if I say she was a no show and she gets a full refund?  How much compensation could I get if I said she has to pay a cancellation fee?  I'm reluctant to do this but feel a bit frustrated she has not cancelled her booking.

Thanks in advance for advice