Cancellation Policies - Hidden Preferences - More options



So I discovered a hidden section for extra preferences relating to Cancellation Policies.


Under Extranet > Property > Policies Menu. You have your Policies. Clicking Edit on the Flexible Rate Policy.

You then can alter in presets the flexibility and percent penalty charge.

What I discovered and it is so badly highlighted is actually on the same page, but to the right pane, second pane frame down.

I just remembered someone asking about setting X Days before arrival to be more than 30 days.


This is where you can tweak it further.



How is this useful? What extras are covered in there? 


  1. If you want to set the policy for
    • Until 2,3,5,42 or 60 days before arrival
    • Until 18:00 / 6pm Check-in day
    • Until 14:00/2pm check-in day

  2. How Much Guest charged for canceling in the X days before arrival.
    • Cost of the first night
    •  30,50,70,90,100% of total price

  3.  How much Guest Charged for no-show
    • 100% of total
    •  Same as the cancelation fee.



What options are missing ?


  • a custom field box for custom number of days instead.
  • a custom field box for arrival day time box for 24 hour clock format.
  • a custom field box for guest charge for no show as a percentage.
  •  enable text color for cancelation policy to be bold RED and not green, as many guests are not reading it, then later claim they did not know there was a penalty clause.


Presets are all well and fine as sliders for the new partners who have zero hospitality industry experience but do not limit the advanced partners.

Not every partner and listing will be same nor should be treated as such there will always be different scenarios. 


cancel policy pref more options link


how long before arrival presets



percentage charged for cancellation



charge for no show options












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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Barry, thank you very much for posting hidden preference...

They are so many and the only way to find them is by searching and searching again and again or if you have a nice fellow partner that can help you....even though you think you dont need help....

Another partner was trying to edit her sofa bed and had problems in finding how even though some offered to help her.....the sofa bed option was hidden in bedroom settings almost at the end of a drop down window.....

She finally found it and she was happy....

Thanks again Barry for sharing your experience with us.


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Dear Barry,

I have noticed that in my Policies although I have created a policy for  non-refundable rates....sometimes I dont see it in my Policies...Is this normal???

Thanks in advance for your kind advise.