Cancellation policy

Good morning everyone :)

I only noticed yesterday that my cancellation policy say's ...

''You may cancel free of charge until 4 days before arrival. You will be charged the total price if you cancel in the 4 days before arrival. If you don’t show up you will be charged the total price.''

But it's suppose to be 7 days, not 4 days. How do I get it back to 7 days ?  I never changed it to 4 days and I dont know what happened to change it.

In my Extranet it says 7 days but on the web where guests see it, it says 4 days.

Also, it says on the web that children age 0 to 2 years old can sleep in a bed or a cot/crib. I would never allow a child that age to sleep in a bed as they could roll out of the bed and onto the floor. How do I fix that ?

Help please :)

Hilary Dale 3 years ago

I have exactly the same problem re cancellation policy. In my preferences it states a 7 day free cancellation policy but this is changed to 4 on guest's information. Please help us booking.com!

The Pig and Whistle 2 years ago

My policy I nominated says 14 days and on my bookings its saying they will be charged for any cancellation