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Cancellations in Denmark


I guess this is most a question for Danish members. It seem that we get lots of bookings for 6-8 days and a week later people cancel again. This is because Denmark require that some visitors can show a booking for at least 6 days outside Copenhagen. It is such inussance as these people block other guests from booking. Have you got the same problem? 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Poul,


That is something that already happens in many forms for many partners even in normal times. Its just the nature of a culture of guests.


There is not a lot you can do about it, if anything other than message them to see if they are still planning on travelling. 


If you currently do not enforce prepayment, then this is a factor for why this is happening.



At least than some might be good enough to agree a date to decided by; 

Some might decide at that point not to come and you can agree to cancel.


Kind Regards

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Poul Dalgaard 3 years ago

Hi Brook

Thank you for your answer, I do disagree with you. Off course we get a cancellation from time to time. But these bookings are always for 6 days and the are cancelled a week after. This is for the client to show that they hold a booking so they can cross the border without any issues. Its a DANISH issue,

Best regards