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Cancelling Guest Bookings

Good Morning - How can we cancel a booking made by a due to an accidental double booking by us? We have several properties we let via Due to a problem with our availability technology our availability chart had not been updated and two bookings had been made when those dates had already been booked via ourselves through our own system some week beforehand. 

We cannot find a way to simply cancel a guest booking or reservation. It is not the guests fault and they should not be penalised in any way, but our fault. We need to be able to cancel and refund the guests ASAP to avoid further disappointment and compound any customer problems.  

Any thoughts, advice or help will be welcome to overcome this unfortunate situation. 

Thank you


BrookAve 1 year ago


Never post action requests here, into this black hole, only us leprechauns here. :)


  1. Bdc dont make bookings , guests do.
  2. if you calendar shows availability then its on you.
  3.  talk to the guest to change dates or ask them to click  cancel on the booking, thats literally the easy way.
  4. If the  arrival date /time is too close then you have no chopoice to ask guest to contact CS team on main website....
  5. or you contact partner support and prepare to pay relocation invoice.  Does not always happen but just be aware of it.

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