cancelling the reservation

I need to cancel the reservation number ***. The guest wrote that a total of 13 people were planning to come to my house. The house has three bedrooms and is designed for a maximum of 6 people. I have already written to him about this three times but did not receive a reply. Please cancel this booking.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Igor 


There is a big difference between 13 people coming and 13 people sleeping overnight, bear that in mind.


So if you want to still cancel try:


Message guest you do not allow large groups or parties of greater than X. 


Say this will be cancelled and they will receive notification to action a confirmation. 


Wait for a reply before cancelling as they may be able to explain better and confirm only 6 will be staying and the rest are meeting up there only. or using sleeping bags etc.


If the repsonse if not ok and or no response , then ....

Now on right page of details click request cancellation 


Now choose option 2


Wait, system sends action to guest.  Note they may refuse to confirm.


Once they click accept/confirm, the status becomes cancelled 



If they dont confirm cancelation you will need to contact BdC support instead.