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Does anybody have tips on how to get a description that is more fitting for my property.  When I joined I uploaded my description but what appeared was completely different. At the moment it is so bland, it could be any property. I have tried the adjust description by adding a paragraph but I just got the reply that i couldn't add blocks of text and that the description is generated from the information I put on the site?. I have not had many booking and friends that have looked at the listing have said I am selling myself short, its not me is Booking!

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

The descriptions are computer generated based on the facilities you tick boxes for.  Agree they are quite bland.  They will adjust small sections of the standard text based on process you have already followed to make it more accurate, so you can add in a few words that more accurately describe your property.  There is your personal description but unfortunately right down the bottom of the page and most guests don't go that far.