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Hello! I’m gonna change my advertisement. 
How can I let my guest understand that they are responsible for the cleaning before they leave their apartment. 
And how can I afterwards (if they don’t clean) send them an bill? 

I’m gonna have a cleaning company to do the inspection after the check out. And if it’s not clean, the cleaning team will clean the apartment and send me the bill.  

Thank you! 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Lina,


In my opinion this is not an acceptable thing to expect any guest in any accommodation to do.


Yes you can have a checkout template message to remind them to empty bins etc into external bins on Bin day,


But to say they are responsible for general cleaning entire house before leaving, no thats just not right.  


I would only ask them to tidy up, not leave smelly rubbish inside, and remove to exterior bins etc. Thats perfectly fair but that is where the line is.


You cant send a guest a cleaning bill after the fact , while not illegal , its just plain dumb.


Add a cleaning fee on Property > Policies > Additional Fees section instead.


If its just renting a room per stay 30euro max is fine. For whole unit, apartment or house, 50-60 euro max.


Be smart about cleaning supplies to lower costs , such as Amazon Subscribe & Save; or scheduled Grocery Delivery Services like, Tesco, Aldi, Deliveroo.


Bulk buy on offers .  


Yes other parts of the world, may have better local deals in supermarkets, so be smart , shop around.


Paying a 3rd party to clean can get expensive - https://helpling.ie starts from 13euro per hours, min. 2 hours



Kind Regards




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Aaron Account … 3 years ago

Hi Lina Ericson Hägglund,


Thanks for submitting your question to the community. 


To inform guest about your house rules, including cleaning I'd recommend taking advantage of our messaging tools. Post arrival, you could leave a check list of or guide in the property of the rules and requirements as well. 


You can set up a damage deposit on the Extranet for incidentals. Just remember, you will be required to collect this amount. Booking.com will not do it on your behalf. 


All the best,


Aaron B.