Change name of Property manager and owner of an existing property in Aruba.

Hello, my name is Niek Kessel and I'm the new Property Manager of "Little Paradise" and "Little Sea" in Aruba, Little Paradise has already been active in Booking.com but was put on a "Stop Sold" because of the renewal we have been doing the past 5 months. Little Sea has not been connected with Booking.com before but will be connected as soon as we have Paradise up and running with Booking.com again.

I do have some questions :

1. Is there any way we can be connected by Chat? As I live in Aruba I can not call you guys and sending emails takes way too long for me. So if it is possible, please let me know how we can Chat.

2. Little Paradise is an already existing accommodation at Booking.com. Wouter van den Berg, Vacation is Simple (V.I.S.) management has permitted me to request you to allow me to continue using "Little Paradise". Of course, I will need to adapt all of the information and all of the photos as well as all of the room names and all of the prices. The night prices will be connected via my channel manager, " Room raccoon" As we don't want to lose the ranking of Little Paradise we will have to make all mentioned changes and probably more. With that, I will need help, hence the Chat request.

2.-A What do you need from us and V.I.S. management in order to register both of the accommodations in my name?

3. The same I will need to do for Little Sea, but that accommodation has not yet been connected with Booking. com so that may be a bit easier.

4. Both accommodations will need to be connected with Roon raccoon, our channel manager.

5. Do we need to have 2 accommodations registered with Booking.com or can we put all apartments under one


6. As we have the mother company in The Netherlands we would like to have the money in US dollars sent to the US dollars account of the company in The Netherlands. Can Bookin.com do the collection of the reservation payments or do we need to do that? I ask because we get illegals from South America that make reservations with us, ask for confirmation of the reservation, then never show up, never cancel and never pay. So we lose money. This has happened on various occasions. For that reason, we would like Booking.com to collect the payments. Can that be arranged?

7. Who sets the prices, discounts and specials? And who pays if you "match" the price? Some OTA's offer specials of discounts and take that out of our night prices.

Look forward to hearing from you and to doing business with you guys promptly.


Niek Kessel

Property Manager

Little Paradise

Little Sea