Change the price

Hi everyone,

How can I change the price for my room? I tried everything on google, but the instructions doesnt match the look of tabs on my extranet. Its different.  Can someone help me?

Sharon Powney 3 years ago

Not sure why you are searching on google for instructions.  Use the Help icon on your Extranet screen.

In Extranet, Rates, Calendar - change to List view so you can see all the detail.  Open up on left and you can see your rate plans and various prices.  Then use Bulk edit to change prices

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Jelena 

While Google will bring up old articles and perhaps some youtube videos much of it will be out of date.

There are two general places for help on here:


  1. Top of every page - Partner Help - by BdC.
  2. Other Partners - topics and guides posted.

Using SEARCH on top of every page you can search for these, or click a partners name to see list of what guides or topics similar they have posted to which your query may be answered in.

In general you must have Rate Plans setup with a base rate plan and price, which you then link to one or more Room Types.


The calendar list view can then later be used to make adhoc changes, or special pricing for those dates; or day of the week.


Kind Regards