Changing from daily rate to weekly only


I have one gite at present. I advertise it on a daily rate basis for most of the season. However I wish to change from a daily rate to a weekly only for July and August. I think that I have done it on the calendar, but the calendar is showing the weekly rate on everyday? Is that correct? I have put a 7 day restriction on as well. Am I doing it correct???????



BrookAve 2 years ago


  1. Create the new Weekly Rate Plan
  2. Attach it to Room type(s).
  3. Using Calendar Monthly or List view , deactivate/activate which Rate Plans are activate for a date range. i.e. a Rate Plan does not have to be LIVE 24/7/365, you can toggle it
  4. Test it on a short date range to see how it works, then use BULK EDIT tool to do it for a longer  or specific date range.

Contact PS team to review the setup if need be.

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