Changing dates during cancellation period

I have a guest who wants to cancel within the 24hr policy and rebook on a different date.  How do I do it.  When I change the booking dates it won't let me.  I presume because of the cancellation policy.  Any help please?tx

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Michelle Gillgarro


As you have already agreed with guest, then you just need to trigger the cancellation process, guest gets notified and clicks to confirm, then auto refunded if prepaid to bdC.


Then guest just books new dates.


Open reservation details, on right pane click request cancel and choose option2.

guest gets notified and clicks to confirm.


All done, now the guest can rebook.


Note: if you meant is without 24hours to original check in, if cancel greyed out, then you need to phone BdC support.


Kind Regards


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