changing to 'room only' until April 2021

We wish to change our rates to a 'room only' basis for the next few months.  How or where can I make this change in booking.com?





BrookAve 3 years ago

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Please provide the listing link into your profile - see guide below. so we know what we are working with, and can then advise better.


In general how I did it was:

Property > Room Details or



A room Type can be used as a room so long as you do not get too attached to the type names.


So depending on how many rooms you have simply click the Create new room button.


Set the default arrangement and occupancy, add alternative layout if possible, and max occupancy possible.

I await your profile listing link to see if I can advise more.




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Account Adviso… 3 years ago



To change your rates to 'Room Only', you just need to remove any meal inclusions from the rate plan


  1. Click on ‘Rates & Availability’ and select Rate plans.
  2. You can either click ‘Edit’ under any of the existing rates or click ‘Add new Rate plan.
  3. Under ‘Want to include meals in this rate plan?, tick any meal that you want to have included in the rate or you can remove meals as well.
  4. Click ‘Review rate plan’ and then select ‘Activate rate plan’ in the next step.


If you are only offering 'Room Only' rates temporarily, it may be worth having two rate plans (Room Only and Meal Included) and only opening the 'Room Only' rate plan now, having your 'Meal Included' rate plan active from April 2021 onwards.


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