Checking in and out specific days

Hello everyone,

I wondered if anyone can help me with a problem I seem to be having. During the summer period ( June Until End August ) I have a minimum of 7 nights specified for my properties, however i do not seem to be able to adjust also the checking in days eg Saturday to Saturday. Any Ideas?

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

Hello and welcome to the partner forum.

You can do this via the menu: rates and availability > calendar >  select a range of dates e.g Monday to Friday and then select the 'no arrivals' option. GL



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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello laura talamoni! Thank you for your post! Below you will find all the necessary instructions on how to apply check in and check out restrictions in your calendar. Best of luck!

Check in restrictions:


Check out restrictions:


Hannah Day 1 year ago

no matter which view I put my calendar into I do not have this option available to me.

Is there a reason for this?

Im really struggling and need to open August booking asap. 

please help, thanks, Hannah 

Belinda Wood 1 year ago

I am having the same problem.
The only "Restrictions" the platform is allowing me to set up is "minimum length of stay"  OR "minimum advance reservation"

Where can I find access to "No Arrivals" please? 

Thank you.