Cleaning and Key Service, Bloubergstrand

Hi All,

We're new to booking.com with our first property based in Bloubergstrand, Western Cape. We're up in Johannesburg so we aren't able to visit the unti regularly and meet guests. We have asked a friend to help us out with meeting the guests, cleaning and the key service but this isn't ideal and it already has raised issues. Our unit it our apartment with 7 other apartments, all of whiom are residents. We don't want to bother them.

We have considered the pin access key safe on the property boundary but we're hesitant considering the crime in our country, potentially putting all our neighbours at risk.

- What do you guys normally do when you are far from your unit/s?

- What have you found works or doesn't work?

- Can anyone here recommend any sort of key and cleaning service in the Bloubergstrand area?




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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi David


Well, you sketch a critical situation where you allow for access via a code / or pin. 

Personally I don't prefer this concept, not for myself to enter into and not to have for my property. 

If this is the only option you have then this is not a stress-free one. 

Especially being an apartment with a crime rate that worries you. 

Ideally, you may look for an apartment very close to your own house, where you can welcome your guests yourself. This helped us tremendously with the right bookers. We never had any crime or rude situations here, since we live around the corner. 

You do mention that you have someone looking after your guests? Not ideal? There is no other option in my opinion then have that person on board, or change the situation. (find other location) , train the person to what you want to be done or find another person who meets your standard.


If that is not to your liking then you can rent it out on a monthly base. 

Hosting is not for everyone, I believe. 


Hope this helps. 



Aaltje B.