Clean&Safe label


I notice that a lot of accomodations received the "Clean & Safe" label .

How can I get this please?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Kristien


This could be due to the Facilities page and the COVID19 section in Fine Print, have all bee n completed.


  1. Extranet Property > View My Description - Fine Print COV19 yes/no options.
  2. Extranet Property > Facilities & Services - ensure every question is yes/no.





Kind Regards


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Aaron Account … 2 years ago

Hi Kristien Rigo,


Thank you for the question! 


In response to COVID-19, we've recently added a new section in the Extranet. Located in the Property Tab, the Health & safety page has a range of yes/no questions you can answer about safety features, physical distancing, cleaning and food & drink safety. 


For every option you select 'yes' to, we will feature this on your property listing for guests to see. From time to time we may change the way this is displayed such as those tags you noticed. 


All the best,

Aaron B.