Cloud Based CCTV - Motion Based - Blink.com & Guests


There are two product ranges , the newer XT2 and the older Indoor only White cameras.


  • I have about 5 of these setup in Porch and then inside in all common areas such as Kitchen, hallway, landing upstairs.
  • For Outdoors you can use the black XT2 cameras to cover garage, back yard, back kitchen door, or even a garden path.
  • These essentially only record when motion triggered, which can be customised.
  • Can be wired with lithium battery backup or battery only.


Amazon owns Blink and have various sales and bundle offers.


Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 2-Camera System    Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System | with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included | 1-Camera Kit

Blink XT2/XT Camera Wall Mount Bracket,Weather Proof 360 Degree Full Protective Adjustable Outdoor Indoor Mount and Cover Case for Blink XT Home



Like the ring.com devices there are plenty of clever 3rd party accessories, such as the gutter mounting clip to have it hang from the house rain water gutter from a height.



Lessons Learned


  • High Foot Traffic Areas 

    Use a Wired solution such as a f3rd party power cord and plug.
  • Low Traffic Area

    - The Lithium Batteries are usually fine, but can be expensive in small packs, so buy the 20+ packs instead.
  • Amazon Echo - Alexa

    -All  echo show devices can be used as 'Alexa show Porch'.

    However if you have other devices with porch in the name introduced into this eco system,
    you can no longer say 'Show porch',

    You now have to have unique name such as Porch Camera and then say, 'Show Porch Camera'

    I discovered this when I renamed my Yale Keyless  lock to Porch Lock.
    You would think using the word Show should tell itto be smart enough to know you mean the only camera in that area.
  •  Install Anywhere

    -Like Ring.com devices, you are virtually unlimited to install these any where. Just remember to consider the amount of traffic in that area/zone as to which power method may be needed.

  • Storage

    - There is no subscription, only a storage size limit shown as a % percentage., So based on individual area/zone triggers can fill and then start over writing within a 24 hour period.

    You have the option to tap and download the clips, and then have your smart phone cloud storage sync to your Google Drive, Amazon Photos, Microsoft OneDrive etc.
  • Smart Phone App 

    - Get motion based triggered notifications. Audio is built in one way on indoor, and two way on XT2 series.


 Guests Recorded based on motion detection.

- So why would these be useful? Essentially even when starting out you can learn a lot from the Guests from various regions and cultures how they live

-Use kitchen and services, cookers, washing machines etc.

- Do not kow about electric showers need to have a power circuit switch outside the bathroom
- Do not see this switch on the wall outside the bathroom

- Do not see where the light switch is - * its on your other left*, and then walk into a dark bathroom to use the toilet.... yep that actually happened and left the door open too.

- Kitchen Cooker mis-use of cookware and potential accidents;
 -- lazy inconsiderate carelessness nearly resulting in causing a kitchen fire due to putting something plastic based into an oven top grill area, and not thinking it through. 



Using these lessons, I then developed  Signs, posters and stickers and for different languages,
symbols on them to make them universal, since you cant have every language on every sign or poster; the house would be plastered with them.


I have under the facilities listing that the property is Monitored and also its in my auto message template for new bookings.


Reviewing the clips can show you quickly what things you need to improve in terms of signage, and message templates to remind them of what they should and should not do.


Some may not like it but at end of the day it is no different than most hotels who have cameras everywhere. Its both a Security and Health & Safety policy.


Stay Safe & Secure







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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Barry, I dont really like cameras...but if you want your property safe and secure you probably have to install them.

Stay safe and secure...but what about privacy....how satisfied are your guests with cameras???

Thanks for posting and informing us.


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Maria,


The way I look at it is :

  • 1. Its disclosed on the listing
  • 2. Disclosed in the automatic message for new reservation.
  • 3. If you are behaving yourself in someone elses house, you have nothing to fear.
  • 4. Cameras are very common place in homes these days espescially those embracing Smart Home Tech.
  • 5. I originally started it before doing HomeStay as a way to protect deliveries and stop the courriers from walking away and leaving a note.
  • 6. it the same in most hotels, B&B in IE /UK.

The only privacy entitlement is really the bathroom and the bedroom.


99% of the time no one says anything about it.


I had one case were an italian who did something disgusting in the kitchen, which i posted on here , tried to do a 360 and complain in a paranoid way.  But it was clearly a diversion tactic, and I was having none of it.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Barry, I understand your points and I agree that cameras can protect you and your property.

Here in our country we are still a little behind in cameras....we dont like them very much... The government tried to install cameras in the center of Athens and due to  a big rebellion they never worked....

Smart home tech!!! our children hope that they live to enjoy them!!! It is very expensive....