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I manage one place for almost an year and now I'm going to start another one on a joint venture with my friend. Is there a way for us to be a co-hosts, like on airbnb and get paid like co-hosts? We will be managing the property together and we are looking for a way to split the income so we don't need to spend a fortune for accounting and taxes.

I'll appreciate any information.

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AG Lodging 5 years ago

Go to "Account" (at the top bar, not at tabs), and then "Create and manage users". Here, you can add your friend as another user.

Furthermore, you can fine tune who can do particular tasks, by setting these at Account -> Contacts (but this is for large properties, like hotels).

Warsaw Luxury … 4 months ago

is there a way to share payment between co-hosts (or users in this setup) ? similar approach as in Airbnb? Can't really find that option in Booking.com