Commercial Waste Collection

Hi.  If you're making an income from your property, sooner or later the local council will be in touch to say that you're no longer entitled to 'domestic' waste collection.  Your house-hold waste from the guests is no 'commercial' waste.

So you get in touch with your local domestic waste collection company and ask how much will it be to collect your (now) commercial waste.  They'll ask for a vast amount of cash to do what they've always been doing anyway and their waste collection lorries will still come past your property.

Shop around.  I've had quotes from £550 a year to £120 a year.

I'd be interested to hear other experiences.  

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Is that amount you pay every month no matter the amount? Or will it be cheaper if you reduce the amount? Tricky!

Waste is fast becoming a very popular topic and yes, we may have to pay more when hosting.

To eliminate waste we separate everything.

Glass is still a problem here and can not be collected so it goes with other waste and it is heavy too! There is a machine that actually makes sand of glass bottles. Costly but worth-while if you buy it with more people and use it together. The endproduct lends itself for landscaping projects!

Plastic and paper are separated here now.

Any scraps we can bury on the farm and it will become compost.

I don't know the percentage of hosts that live rural, but guess it won't be many compared to the big amount of people living in cities.

The Japanese people have made waste disposal into a real art and wished that we have that everywhere in the world.

It is an important topic, thank you for bringing it up!

This could become one of the highlights of the forum I will predict! :)


Aaltje B.

Epoates 5 years ago

If your property is in Cornwall UK the domestic waste collection service will be with Biffa. Their quote for my new 'commercial' waste was over £500 a year.

Shop around - H&A services worked out at £120 a year, and Chenoweths (https://chenowethstradingco.com/holiday-home-waste-collection/) works out at about £75 a year.

That's a BIG saving just from a few phone calls and web searches.

Good luck with waste services in your area.