Commission rates

Hi. I’m new to booking.com and not having a great experience so far getting it to work correctly for my property. Anyway, I’ve had the booking (hopefully shown in the image) and I’m not sure if we get paid no 1, no 2 or no 2 minu no 3. Could anyone confirm please? Image of booking

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Brian Butcher, thank you, it is a great question.

No.1 is the total amount that the guest will pay including taxes and any extra charges you had set up like cleaning fee.

No. 2 is the amount that is commissionable. Booking.com does not calculate commission based on rates with taxes, we calculate them in net +any extra charges so your commission percentage will be based on those 3,304.80.

No. 3 is the commission of that amount on number 2.

So you will charge this guest for $3,635.28 and at the beginning of the month after check out, you will receive a commission invoice with all your bookings that checked out the previous month including this one with a commission on $495.72.

Brian, I checked your profile and I suggest you check your inventory as there are minimum length of stay on date periods where you do not have enough nights to cover those, example: You have a min. length of stay of 7 nights but some dates have only 4 nights available to book, nothing before or after, hence they are unbookable as there are no 7 consecutive nights to book. You can change this on your calendar.

Hope this helps getting more bookings your way!