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Competition Overview

This is the last one... ( probably ) - for today anyway.

So, I'm looking at my 'Dashboard' - hoping to learn things...

and it seems... I'm #1 - ' King of the World ' !!

One of One... hmmm...  Sounds so much less impressive...


So if they cant figure out what other property is 'near me' - why not just 'cheat'
- and just compare me to my 'Competitive Set' ??


Because comparing me to 'the Area average' ( that is " just me" ) - is useless.


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Katerinka12 5 years ago

Hi Mike,

Long time no see. How are you?

Are you getting real guests in real life?

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

"King of the world" what else do you want. Everybody worships you!!!

Wish you luck.....

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MikeM 5 years ago


Things are ok I guess, good enough. - I just wish BDC could 'fix' some stuff.

I still hope to visit your place, and give you some new room photos. :)