Confused by pricing

I cant figure out the low rate some of my guest are getting , I know a weekly & non-fundable rate lowers a few % but it always seems short of what I expected.  Also How do you set the price for 2, 3, 4 guests.  I have a property stuck on 4 persons as default. 



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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hello, it will be best to call our partner support team to look into the specifics for your property. It is hard to answer here without knowing if you use a channel manager, if so which features are supported, etcetera as the answers will depend on your setup. You will be able to check your rate plan set up via the Availability tab > rate plans, and occupancy pricing can be set up via the extranet as well. 


You will find contact details for the support team in the extranet where you can access the Partner Support phone number. Click on the Inbox tab, then choosing 'Booking.com Messages'. You can find the local support number by clicking 'other options' on the right hand side, and following the prompts. 


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