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We have a new property management company that manages at the moment 7 properties. When someone clicks on one of our properties it appears that as a company we manage only 1 company although we have more properties listed under the same account. Is there an option that I can set so when someone clicks on of our properties will see that we manage more properties? 

I believe that by setting that it will make us look more credible. 

Thanking you in advance


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Xanthos,


If someone = Joe public


 Result = no,none.




There is no such thing.


All listings are independent which logically means can only mean managed as one via 3rd party channel manager and the BdC Extranet,  .... as a partner only, not Joe Public

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello HA.DE.CO Holiday Apts! Thank you for posting in the Community! Unfortunately, the properties can be under a single master account only for the benefit of you having an easier way to manage them internally. Currently, it is not possible to have them advertised to the guests as being under the same management umbrella. Instead, we would suggest you to add this information in the personal profile of each property! 


Best of luck! 

HA.DE.CO Holid… 3 years ago

Thanks to both of you for your replies,

Maybe I didn't manage to say what I wanted correctly but I did not mean advertising our other properties when someone clicks on one of our listings. 

Currently when someone clicks on one of our company's listings next to the company logo above the company info people see this:

1 property

despite having 7 properties under the same account


When I click on one of my competitors properties above the company info and next to its logo I can see this:


managed properties

So what I want is next to our logo the actual number of properties that we manage to appear as I believe it will be good for us.  

Thanking you in advance.