covid 19 infection

I would like to know what would happen if we has a guest that became infected in our premises and had to self isolate in our room how would pay for their extra stay and if we had to close down how would we deal with guest who where due to arrive, can we just cancel them and give a refund.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Paul & Roz Hagley


  1. Scenario 1 - Guest picks up COvi19 during stay. I would imagine the right thing to do is first get medical assistance for them to be assessed. It could be that they will be taken away to hospital. You could hold their luggage for them if need be   if there is someplace to put or they take al to hospital. Then you disinfect the room, for next due guest.  
  2. Scenario 2 - Guest infected and is not going to hospital. Check with local NHS who has responsiblility ,and if you can expect them to vacate. Check with local police too in certain cases. If they are to stay, one might say it would be immoral to charge them when its not their fault.  
  3. Scenario 3 - cancelling other guests from coming Yes all you can do is message them and straight away click on request cancel and choose option 2. Follow that up with a message or phone cal lto BdC support



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