Credit card processing companies

I am looking for the best credit card processor that would handle online processing of high risk/international payments for deposit holds and rental fees. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies that work well with Booking.com?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Keith, 


As your partner profile is incomplete we have no idea where you are based.

Please do so , so we can advise better.

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Sumup does have an onboard for Booking Partners







but depending on where you are based, and what you actually need, services vary as do the costs.


consider asking them the following:

  • Can I generate and send a payment link by sms, email, message for taking a deposit?
  • Can I accept CC info over message ort phone from Guest?
  • Can I charge VCC issued by the OTA?
  • Do I need or get anything else other ca na physical card reader?



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Keith Fransen 3 years ago

I phoned Sum-Up and they cannot cover Costa Rica. Do you know of any companies that do?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi , so YOU are based in Costa Rica?

The services are typically restricted to where YOU are based not the property.

a quick google and I found this: 
"Payment Gateway for accommodation providers costa rica"