Credit card processing companies

I am looking for the best credit card processor that would handle online processing of high risk/international payments for deposit holds and rental fees. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies that work well with Booking.com?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Keith, 


As your partner profile is incomplete we have no idea where you are based.

Please do so , so we can advise better.

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Sumup does have an onboard for Booking Partners


https://sumup.co.uk/bookinguk/ Square,




but depending on where you are based, and what you actually need, services vary as do the costs.


consider asking them the following:

  • Can I generate and send a payment link by sms, email, message for taking a deposit?
  • Can I accept CC info over message ort phone from Guest?
  • Can I charge VCC issued by the OTA?
  • Do I need or get anything else other ca na physical card reader?



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Keith Fransen 2 years ago

I phoned Sum-Up and they cannot cover Costa Rica. Do you know of any companies that do?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi , so YOU are based in Costa Rica? The services are typically restricted to where YOU are based not the property. a quick google and I found this:  "Payment Gateway for accommodation providers costa rica" https://business.tab.travel/c/costa-rica