Customer does not pick up luggage

Hello everybody,


I hope that someone here can help me:


In our apartment I had a customer, who left the apartment dirty and in parts destroyed, so that I had to block him on booking.com. for future bookings.


When cleaning the apartment, right after his departure, I saw that he forgot a bag with clothes and his credit card. I informed him the same day that he should pick up the bag or tell me what to do with it. He wanted to get back in touch, but he has not done so yet. That is already one month ago!


Does anyone have a tip on what to do with the bag and credit card?


Many thanks in advance and sunny greetings from Warsaw!



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Allan Withers 4 years ago

Hi Stefan,

Its unfournate these things happen. In Australia we under law need to keep for 6mths and then we can discard (dump!) You could return to credit card to the bank that it is issued and they can notify him of this.